Help Needed with Ballot Access

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Greetings!   Assemblyperson John Salka (R, AD 121) and four Republican co-sponsors in the Assembly have introduced Assembly Bill A8683A, relating to the number of signatures required for independent nominating petitions. This bill is essential to reestablishing pre-2020 signature and vote thresholds and independent petitioning schedule that are key to winning back and maintaining our ballot access. In brief, this bill does the following:
Reduces the number of signatures required for independent nominating petitions to 15,000 or 1% of the votes cast (which ever is less) in the last gubernatorial election from 45,000 signatures and 2% of votes cast (whichever is greater); Reduces the number of votes required for an independent body’s candidate to obtain party status to 50,000 votes or 2% or votes cast for governor (whichever is less), from 130,000 votes or 2% of votes cast (whichever is greater); Increases the length of the independent petitioning period to 12 weeks from 6 weeks; Moves the independent petitioning period to June/July/August from April/May.
A8683A is currently in committee, and we need your support to get it to the floor. Just as importantly, this bill needs Democratic co-sponsors, as well as awareness and support (along with an accompanying bill) in the State Senate. Because we are quickly approaching the independent petitioning period, we need you to take action today. Here’s how you can help:
Search for your assemblyperson here or find their email address and office phone number here. Call and email your representative in the NYS Assembly, and ask them to support A8683A. Be concise, respectful and non-partisan – this is an issue that affects ALL voters and their freedom of choice at the ballot. If your assemblyperson is a Democrat, additionally ask they sign on as a co-sponsor to A8693A. Since we will also need support in the Senate, find your State Senator here, then click on their name, then “Contact”. Call and email your State Senator to make them aware of the legislation, voice your support for A8683A, and ask them to introduce and co-sponsor an accompanying Senate bill. Again, be brief, respectful, and non-partisan. Click below to support the LPNY 2022 Petitioning Drive.
WE CANNOT LET THIS BILL DIE IN COMMITTEE. Please take action today to help ensure our candidates can get on the ballot with the same ease as duopoly candidates.
Thank you for all that you do.
In Liberty,
W. Cody Anderson Chair, Libertarian Party of New York
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Michael Rebmann

Michael Rebmann

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