Erie County Libertarian Party Condemns State Actions Freezing Seneca Bank Accounts

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Just a few days ago a subpoena served by New York State began blocking transactions on the bank accounts of the Seneca Nation and the Seneca Gaming Corporation due to issues regarding casino revenue payments. The Seneca Nation president, Matthew Pagels, warned individuals not to attempt to cash or deposit nation issued checks until the situation is solved. Pagels addressed the situation as blatant government overreach, and maintains that the state’s actions were purposeful, malicious, and politically motivated. The Seneca’s are referring to these latest actions as economic terrorism, citing the state’s willful indifference to thousands of people. In a statement by the Seneca Nation, they highlighted “the history of attacks against our people, our land and our sovereignty serves as a backdrop to every interaction the Seneca Nation has with New York State.”

Duane Whitmer, Erie County Libertarian Party Chairman, stated “In typical progressive, big government ideology, politicians–instead of cutting costs or cutting their own bloated insider spending–are going after a small demographic to cover the gaping holes in the budget. Instead of doing their jobs and solving the massive budget deficit–which was projected at $18 billion pre-COVID–they are going to steal from someone else to cover their incompetence. I hope somebody in Hochul’s office has the decency to explain to her how wrong this is, and I hope that these pro-government violence legislators wake up and realize the effects that this move has. Freezing these accounts will devastate the Seneca community, and in some situations a financial blockade can be considered an act of war. We stand with the Senecas and look forward to providing any support they need.”

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Erie County Libertarian Party

Erie County Libertarian Party

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